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If you or a dependent is under the weather, getting a private, secure and convenient online medical visit through Doctor on Demand is a great option, especially when you are away from home or your doctor is unavailable. Doctor on Demand doctors can answer medical questions, make a diagnosis and even prescribe medication for you in most instances, if needed. They can help with minor injuries and common medical ailments like colds, flu symptoms, fevers, allergies, infections, headaches, sore throats, minor rashes and earaches. You can connect directly with Doctor on Demand board-certified doctors face-to-face using a computer with a webcam or through your mobile device. You can save time and get the care you need without having to schedule a doctor’s appointment or be exposed to other sick people while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. It’s faster and cheaper than going to an emergency room or urgent care facility. The Plan covers 100% of the cost each time you visit a doctor through Doctor On Demand. The deductible will not apply to Doctor On Demand visits and each online session generally lasts about 10 minutes.


The Heartland Healthcare Fund was established in April 2002 as a result of collective bargaining agreements between the Heartland Regional Council of Carpenters and the Illinois Valley Contractors Association, Illowa Millwright Contractors Association, and Quad-City Builders Association (collectively). The Heartland Regional Council of Carpenters has since been dissolved and the Local Unions that were affiliated with the Heartland Regional Council of Carpenters continue to participate in the Plan. The operation and administration of the Plan is the joint responsibility of the Board of Trustees appointed by the Union and the participating Associations.

This is a self-insured plan, which means that benefits for Participants and their dependents are paid directly from Fund assets. As a self-insured Plan, the Fund is financed entirely through employer contributions earned by participants and self-payments made by participants. All contributions either pay benefits or pay reasonable administrative expenses.

This Plan provides you and your eligible family members with health care coverage that can help protect you financially should you ever become ill or injured, including benefits for medical services and prescription drugs.

Whether you are getting married or divorced, having a child or adopting one, or battling an illness or disability, the Plan offers health coverage that is designed to help meet the needs of you and your family.

If you have any questions about your benefits or if you need information about your contributions and eligibility, please call the Fund Administrator, Wilson-McShane Corporation, at (952) 854-0795 or toll free at (800) 535-6373.